Investing, selling, and buying waterfront property can get complicated.

Fortunately, we've been solving waterfront issues for the past 40 years. 

Bob has helped countless waterfront buyers & sellers oversee coastal building, protection, vegetation, dock permitting, or digging & filling, and all carry implications. Bob's work with three environmental protection agencies armed him with the tools to resolve your concerns about any waterfront property. The following entities, which regulate permitting and development throughout the entire state of Florida, are the source of his education:

  • Florida Department of Natural Resources

  • Florida Department of Environmental Protection

  • Florida Marine Patrol

  • Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission

Bob has a comprehensive understanding of development/mitigation of the interior waterway and marine coastline. As your agent, he can clarify a waterfront property's potential so it serves your needs. The choice to live or build near the coastline in Florida has many unique concerns. He is able to understand and explain the complex, in a simple to understand manner. Whether it be for residential or commercial building, your waterfront questions are handled with confidence.