Thinking about selling your property?


We've represented hundreds of customers in selling their homes. Everyone has their own reasons in deciding to sell. You might be highly motivated, such as a homeowner relocating because of a job change. On the other hand, you may be an investor who has exhausted the tax benefits on an income property and want to cash in. If you decide it's time to sell, consider these tips as an opportunity to increase the value at sale, or at least make your property more attractive. 

  1. Make a realistic pro/con list about the property. This should involve items you can control (ex. curb appeal) as well as items that you cannot control (neighborhood). 
  2. Research and interview potential real estate agents. Look for a full time agent(s) that has experience in your neighborhood. Their website should have testimonials and should prove they know the area. Selling your home requires teamwork- so find an agent you trust, and depend on them for guidance.  Get an independent person to evaluate your home for negative issues (is it well kept, pet odors, does it look dated, worn spots and carpet, cluttered, brightness, etc.). Your agent can do this.
  3. Get a professional home inspection. A few hundred dollars will reveal problems that could kill the deal. Some small repairs, that may scare buyers, or bring heavy counteroffers, can be fixed easily. You agent will advise you on what repairs and improvements to make before listing the property. 
  4. Create an inviting entryway. First appearances can either attract or repel a potential buyer. They won’t buy if you can’t get them inside to see the positives of a property.
  5. Be realistic with the agent you choose, and have an idea about your mortgage payoff. Having a list of any improvements will help the agent determine value. They will then do a market analysis to define the house's value. They can then compare it to other properties that you may be competing with, and can give you an idea of the average of time that homes stay on the market. 

Our goal is to help you achieve your goal. Once you've completed step two, we ask you a few questions to determine the best approach for your individual circumstances. We know that moving is a a major source of stress, and we want you to let us take care of your property issues. If you're considering step 2, call or text for a free evaluation of your property.

We can't wait to exceed your expectations.